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"Ask yourself this question, why wouldn't you want to follow this jolly bunch to the seahouse? It's the place where Breakfast Mood have come to remind us of how it used to be when R-E-G-G-A-E was a lovers rock affair! What your ears are plainly witnessing is proof of pure musical genius that will set your heart on fire." G.F. 

Breakfast Mood is a young and devoted band hailing from Zurich, Switzerland. Their unique blend of vintage Reggae, Rocksteady and Blues has already earned them a fixed place in the hearts of many genre lovers. 

Reaching out to the world with Breakfast Mood's full-length debut album, Tip-A-Top records is proud to present a collection of timeless musical stories, told by the riveting 'chanteur etraordinaire', Mr Joel Bollier. Be prepared for an emotional journey you will not forget!


  • Genre: Reggae, Rock Steady, Blues

    Artist: Breakfast Mood

    Released: January, 2024

    Country: Switzerland

    Studio: Moonlitegroover

    Producer: J. Schaetz

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