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Tip-A-Top Records is the result of of Jay Schaetz's single-minded and relentless quest to re-create an authentic, vintage beat sound. As a devotee and vinyl collector of 1950s, '60s and '70s black music for over 25 years, Jay was inspired to apply his musical and technical background in order to build Moonlitegroover Studio, using vintage analogue equipment as well as applying early and traditional recording techniques to reproduce the purity and excitement of those vintage recordings he so loved. After hundreds of creative hours and experimentation, Tip-A-Top Records was formed to provide a unique output channel for Jay's wall of sound productions. 


Based in the heart of Switzerland, Tip-A-Top Records aims to provide young, talented musicians a creative space and a collaborative network allowing them to have their own musical projects released on a dedicated platform. Whether it is Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Funk, Latin, Gospel or R&B – on Tip-A-Top there's something for everyone!

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